Thursday, 15 November 2012

Clear Spinach Soup-a Soup loaded with Iron!

We all know that spinach are rich in iron and vitamin K and B.Children and women can benefit immensely from this green leafy veggie.Try and make this easy soup at least 4-5 times a week to get all the nutritional benefits of spinach in your diet.Serve it as an appetizer with some soup sticks.

Spinach-4 bunches
Tomatoes-1 medium size
Ginger-1 small piece
Kala namak-1/2 teaspoon(optional)
Salt -to taste
Lime juice-1.5 teaspoons
Cream-1/2 teaspoon(optional)
Water-2 cups

-Wash the spinach under running water and pluck the leaves only.Dip the plucked leaves in a container filled wit water.Wash the leaves properly to make sure that all the dirt has been cleaned.
-Roughly chop the spinach leaves
-Wash the tomato and dice it.
-Take the ginger peel out and grate it.
-Boil the spinach,tomato and ginger with a pinch of salt and boil till the spinach is cooked.
-Add 2 more cups of water to this boiled veggies.
-In a mixer jar put all the above ingredients and blend to make a nice smooth puree.
-Take a strainer and place it on a container.Slowly pour the puree on the strainer and stir it with a spoon.
-Repeat this step till you are done with the entire puree in the mixer jar.
-Now heat a pan and pour the strained soup into this pan and heat it for 2-3 minutes.
-Turn the flame off and add lime juice and a little cream on top.
-Clear spinach soup is ready.Serve with some soup sticks.

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