Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bajra and aloo Roti-Gluten Free Indian Flat Bread

Bajra is the main kharif crop in Thar
Bajra is the main kharif crop in Thar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Bajra also known as perl millet is very popular in Rajasthan.Bajra has a good amount of amino acids and is also high in protein.It is also rich in calcium and iron.
I have also added some boiled potatoes to make the rotis more tasty.Bajra rotis are eaten in the cold winter months.Serve it with some spicy curry and a bowl of yogurt.

Bajra flour-2 cups
Wheat flour-1/4 cups
Potatoes-2 medium sized,boiled
Salt-1 teaspoon
Coriander leaves- teaspoons,chopped
Green chilli-1 teaspoon,chopped
Ajwain(Bishop's weed)-1/4 teaspoon
Ghee-2 teaspoon
Warm water-1/4 cup or as needed

-Boil the potatoes and allow it to cook.Peel the potatoes and mash them properly.
-Take a big bowl and add all the ingredients except oil.Add the mashed potatoes too.
-Do not add water now.Mash the mixture properly in the bowl and knead it by adding little water to make a little tight dough.
-Let the dough rest for 20-25 minutes.Cover the bowl with a lid.
-Heat a flat pan and take small portion of the dough and make medium sized balls.
-Wet your palm with little water and gently press the dough to make flat rounds.
-Carefully put the flattened dough on the pan and cook by flipping both sides.
-See that both sides are properly cooked as bajra takes a little time to cook.
-Smear little ghee and serve hot with yogurt and curry.

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