Monday, 5 November 2012

Masala Chai-Spiced Indian Tea

Masala Chai is a blend of tea and spices.This beverage  has become popular in many parts of the world.Spices like cardamom,black pepper and ginger have several health benefits.A cup of warm masala chai can help you relax after a stressful day and can even keep us warm in the cold of winter.You can add sugar-free or even honey as sweetener.
Try this spiced tea with some hot crispy pakoras as evening snacks.

Tea leaves-2 tablespoons(I prefer Tata Tea Gold)
Water-2 cups
Ginger-1 small piece
Green cardamoms-2
Bay leaf-1 small
Sugar-free powder-1 small teaspoon
Black pepper powder -1/4 teaspoon

-Heat 2 cups of water in a pan and let it simmer on slow flame.
-Crush the ginger,cloves and cardamoms in a mortar-pastel and make a coarse powder.
-Add this powder along with the bay leaf and black pepper powder to the water and let it boil.
-Add 2 table spoon of tea leaves and allow it to boil.Stir well.
-Now add 1 cup of milk and boil it.
-Place a tea strainer on a cup and strain the tea.
-Add the sugar-free powder and stir it well with a spoon.
-Hot masala tea is ready!

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