Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sambar Powder

Mysore Sambar Podi
  (Photo credit: Jennifer Kumar)

When it comes to making sambar,I always prefer making home-made sambar powder.Everyone has their own version of making sambar powder.Though you can always find ready-made sambar powders in your local stores but there is definitely a difference in the taste and aroma of both types of sambar powders.
You can make this sambar powder and store in in air-tight containers so that it stays fresh for weeks.

Coriander seeds-1.5 cups
Dried red chillies-1/2 Cup
Chana dal-1/4 cups
Toor dal-1/4 cups
Cumin seeds-100 grams
Black peppercorns-100 grams
Fenugreek seeds- 150 grams
Asafoetida -2 tablespoons
Curry leaves-10-15
Salt-2 teaspoons

-Take a pan and dry roast each ingredient except asafoetida and salt seperately on low flame till you get a nice aroma from each ingredient.
-Let it cool completely.
-Put all the roasted  ingredients along with asafoetida and salt in a mixer jar and grind to make a nice powder.
-Take out and immediately store in a dry and air tight container.

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