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Namakpare(Diwali Recipes)

Crunchy Crackers
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Diwali is a festival of lights.It also signifies the victory of good over evil.Diwali is incomplete without sweets and snacks.In my coming posts I will be sharing some tasty yet healthy diwali recipes.
Namakpares,also known as flour crackers are small handy diamond pieces or crunchy triangles are a popular festival recipe.It is made from flour and cut into diamond shaped strips or folded into triangles and deep fried in oil.This recipes also makes a great evening snack.It stays fresh for weeks if stored in a dry air tight jar.

All purpose flour-1 1/2 cups
Wheat flour-1 cup
Black onion seeds(Kalonji)-1/2 teaspoon
Oil-2 teaspoons for the dough and 2 cups for frying the namakpares
Salt-1 teaspoon
Water-to make dough
Baking soda(sodium bi-carbonate)-1/2 teaspoon

-Take a big bowl and add both the flours,salt,kalonji,baking powder and 2 teaspoons of oil.
-Mix well with hands for 5-6 minutes.Do not add any water at this stage.
-Now slowly add little water and make a tight and stiff dough.
-Knead this dough properly for about 10 minutes.Let it rest for some time.
-Take small portions of the dough and make medium sized balls and roll it to make a nice flat chapati.Remember to add a little oil to the dough while rolling so that it does not stick.
-Now cut the rolled chapati diagonally into thin strips and again cut into strips from the other side to make diamond shapes.
-Heat a pan and add 2  cups of oil to it.
-Slowly pick the cut diamonds and fry them in batches.Do not overcrowd the pan.
-Take out on a kitchen towel and let it cool completely.
-Store it in a dry and air tight jar.Enjoy it with a cup of hot evening tea.

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