Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Peanut and Yogurt Dip(Navratri Special)

Here's another simple and tasty dip recipe.It goes well with chapatis,parathas,rice,tikkis or with salads.
You can use hung curd or plain curd to make this dip.Use hung curd if you plan to send this dip in your kid's lunch box.It's healthy and very appetizing.Try it and please give your feedback.
Ginger-1very small piece
Green chilli-1
Salt to taste
Curd/Hung Curd-2 cups

-Roast the peanuts in a pan till a nice a nice nutty aroma comes out.Keep stirring with a spoon or the peanuts will burn.Let it cool.
-Take a handful of peanuts and rub then with both the hands to take the skin out.Blow off and take the skin out.
-Repeat the above step for the rest of the peanuts.
-Take a blender or mixer and add all the above ingredients and blend to make a nice smooth paste.
-Delicious yogurt and peanut dip is ready!
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  1. Visited your blog first time. Very nice contribution.

    I blog @ Manidipa's Kitchen

    1. Thanks Manidipa!
      Will surely visit your blog :)

  2. Nice one..Happy Navratri to all..May this navratri bring happiness and Prosperity to all..Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank You for visiting.Happy Navratri to you too.