Saturday, 22 December 2012

Masala Papad-Roasted Papad topped with fresh salad

Papad is a dried lentil chip which has been mixed with some spices like pepper and garlic.This recipe is a great appetizer and I have used roasted urad dal with garlic papad.You can also make it with fried papads.

Urad dal papad-4 medium size
Tomatoes-4 teaspoons,finely chopped
Onions-5 teaspoons,finely chopped
Green chillies-2 teaspoons
Green coriander leaves-2 teaspoons,finely chopped
Lime juice-2 teaspoons
Kala namak/salt-a pinch for each papad

-Roast the papad over mediun heat on a gas stove flipping the sides.Do not burn the papads.
-Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl.
-Spread the salad over each papad and serve immediately.

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