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Sleep Tricks for Children

Help your child have a Good and Sound sleep
Sleep is the power source of our body.It recharges our brain and keeps our mind alert.Young children need to have enough sleep.It is  important for their growth and brain development.Good sleep restores energy in their little bodies and it also helps parents get some free time.With long working hours for  parents and packed schedules for school and other activities regular sleeping habit in children is pushed back.We often think that children missing naps and late bed times is no big deal but the consequences can greatly affect their psychological wellbeing.
Children and Sleep
Sound and good sleep is very important for growth and  development of children.There are a few things which are essential for healthy sleep.
  •  Quality of sleep-This means uninterrupted sleep.It is essential for the development of child's nervous system.
  • Length of sleep-Sufficient amount of sleep is important.This varies with the age of the child.
  • Naps-Naps are different from sleep.Children should have a regular nap time.Yes,timing plays an important role here.A good nap helps your child to be more alert.
 Sleep Disturbances in Children
At any stage if your child has problems with sleep then the consequences can have a negative effect on him.Sleep deprived children will find it difficult to concentrate in classrooms and will also have problems in their social relationships.

Signs of Sleep Disturbance  
-Your child is drowsy or finds it difficult to stay awake through the day .                                      
-Snores or breathes with pauses in night.                                                 
-Frequently wakes up or does not sleep well though the night         

Consequences of Disturbed Sleep
-Lack of concentration.
-Learning problems due to poor memory.
-Mood and behavioral problems.
-Poor performance and delay in learning
-Injuries and accidents

Action Plan for Parents
Here is an age by age guide mentioning the hours of sleep required by children and how parents can help them sleep through the night.
-Put the child to sleep when he is sleepy and not asleep.
-Do not cover your kids with blankets and bedsheets.It might cause SID(Sudden Infant Deaths)
-Let your child sleep on his back.This is again to avoid SID.
-Encourage your child to sleep in the night.
-Infants usually require 9-12 hours of sleep during might
-3 to 4 naps of 1 to 2 hours duration is common.
-Be consistent with the day time naps and bed time schedules.
-Sooth the baby by making the room sleep friendly.
-Toddlers require 12-14 hours of sleep.
-Nap times also reduce to 1 nap in the day for about 2-3 hours.
-Consistent sleep-routine is important .
-Encourage your child to sleep independently.He can pick his favorite stuffed toy or pillow and sleep with it.
-Most preschoolers need 11-13 hours of sleep during night.
-Some preschoolers even stop taking day time naps.
-Make the room a dark and quiet place for your child.
-Do not keep gadgets like computers in the bed room.
-Don't forget that sticking to the bedtime schedule is important.
School going Children
-Make bedtime sleep quiet and enjoyable by letting  children pick a story book for bedtime story,taking a warm bath before going to bed,brushing teeth and putting on their night pajama.
-Remember to stay on track and explain to your child the importance of regular bedtime routine.

It is the responsibility of every parent to instill good and proper sleeping habits in children.Infusing this habit will help us raise healthy,happy and more sociable children.

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