Friday, 14 March 2014

Boondi and Sev Bhel-Holi Special Recipes

My next holi special recipe is the boondi and sev bhel.This is also a quick to make recipe and tastes great.
I have used pudina sev but you can also use plain sev.This is a sweet and tangy bhel and is a good holi snack recipe.You can also add sprouts or boiled chickpeas to make is more healthy.

Boondi-100 grams
Pudina sev-100 grams
Tomato-1 small,deseeded and finely chopped
Onion-1 small,finely chopped
Green chilles-1 finely chopped
Green mango/Keiri-small piece,peeled and finely chopped
Pudina and coriander leaves-3 teaspoons,finely chopped
Green chutney- 3 teaspoons,See RECIPE here
Tamarind Chutney-2 teaspoons
Curd-1 tablespoon
Chaat masala-2 teaspoons
Fresh lime juice-2 teaspoons

-Take a mixing bowl and add all the above ingredients one by one and gently mix with a spoon and serve immediately.

WaterMelon Smoothie-Holi Special Rcipes

I wish all my readers a very Happy,Safe and Colourful  Holi.Holi is a time for fun and lots of tasty food.I have tried to post some recipes that and not only tasty but also healthy.
This smoothie is a simple and quick to make recipe.

Water Melon-1 medium size
Suger free powder-1tablespoon
Hung curd/Curd-2 tablespoons
Vanilla ice-cream -1 scoop
Water melon-deseeded and cut into long slices

-Peel the water melon and de-seed it.
-Cut it into small chunks.
-Take a mixer jar and put the cut water melon,curd,sugarfree powder and ice-cream and blend to make a smooth juice.
-Take a tall glass and pour the smoothie into the glass and garnish with long slices of cut water melon.