Saturday, 1 June 2013

Potato-Spinach Tikki

Potato tikki is one of the quickest recipes which can be made from potatoes that have been boiled the night before and refrigerated.I have added finely chopped and blanched spinach to make it a little healthy.You can serve this tikki with some cutneys/dips or use them as a filling for sandwich.

Potatoes-3 medium size,boiled and peeled
Spinach leaves-1 cup,finely chopped and blanched
Garlic-2 cloves,crushed
Green chillies-1,finely chopped
Salt-to taste
Gram flour-3 teaspoons
Green coriander leaves-3 tablespoons,finely chopped
Oil-2 tablespoons

-Grate the boiled and peeled potatoes and keep them in a bowl.
-Add the finely chopped and blanched spinach leaves to the grated potato.
-Add all the above ingredients except oil and mix well.
-Wet your palms with little water and take small portions of the mixture and flatten them with your hand to make flat rounds.
-Heat oil in a flat pan and add the tikkis and let them cook until both sides are properly done.
-Cook them over low flame flipping each tikki once each side id cooked.
-Serve hot with some tasty chutneys and dips.

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