Saturday, 28 April 2012

Stop Child Labour

  Say NO to Child Labour:

Childhood is the most special time in one's life.When we look back,we all have happy memories of childhood.Spending time with parents and grandparents and all the love and attention we got.
Unfortunately,there are many children who have been deprived of this love.Life for these children is very different.They have to drop out of school to work as labourers at construction sites,as domestic help or in hazardous industries.

Supporting their family from an early age is a must for them.Life for these little children is a constant battle with hunger and disease.
Child labour is a disgrace for the society.These unfortunate children are neglected by their families and society too.Poverty and unemployment forces the little children to steal and do odd jobs.They are even harassed and exploited by people.
This is the plight of millions of poor children in developing countries including India.The government has enforced certain laws to stop child labour but it still needs to do much more.The government should  punish people who employ children.
The Indian government is providing free school education to poor children and is also giving free books and mid-day meals.Despite the government's efforts,not many parents are sending their children to school.
There are various NGOs that are working towards improving the living conditions of these poor children and their family.
I truly appreciate the efforts of organizations like CRY.It has helped many children live with dignity.
We as responsible citizens of the society too can do a lot to put an end to child labour.
  • Don't employ any children for domestic help and discourage others too.
  • Volunteer to teach poor children buy conducting evening classes in your locality.
  • Don't buy products of manufacturers who employ child laborers.
  • Support organizations working to stop child labouur.
Every child is special and has the right to education and life of dignity.

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