Sunday, 22 April 2012

Celebrate Earth Day with Kids

Today is World Earth Day and this is the best time to teach our children how to protect and preserve what mother earth has given us.

Our children are the future of this planet and it's never too late to explain how by our small efforts we can make  the earth a green place to live.

Teach then the concept of REDUCE,REUSE and RECYCLE.
  • Reduce-means making less garbage.Take your kids to a nearby park and pick up trash like plastic bottles,cans but be there to supervise so that they don't pick up any dangerous stuff like broken glass pieces.Talk to them how certain waste can pollute the environment and make animals sick.Also talk about the bio degradable and non-degradable stuff.
  •     Reuse-means making use of something more than once.Take a reusable bag and decorate it with ribbons and buttons.Involve kids in this activity.Kids can use this for carrying lunch boxes to school or even to the local grocery store.
  • Recycle-turning something useful into another useful item,like recycled paper and cans.
Save Energy-Explain what is energy and where it comes from.Talk to them about the various alternate sources of energy,like solar,hydro and wind energy.Tell your kids to turn off lights and Tvs when you are not in the room.

Save Fuel-You and you kids can walk to the local store instead of going by car.Cycling is also another option you can consider.Encourage your kids to walk or ride a bike to their school.

Global Warming -how pollution and cutting trees is effecting mother earth .Explain how global warming is effecting our life on earth.

Save Water-How water can be used to generate electricity.How can we save water by rain water harvesting and stop the water pollution.

Endangered animals-Talk about the various endangered animals like the Indian tiger.Why they are becoming extinct and what we can do to conserve this species.

Giving back to mother earth:
  • Plant more and more trees
  • Use recycled products as far as possible
  • Participate in fundraising activities for environment and wildlife conservation.
  • Involve in clean up garbage or other green activities in your community.
  • Spread awareness about environmental issues with friends.

Here's a list of some interesting books on Earth:
1)The cat in the hat comes back-by Dr.Seuss
2)Worms eat my garbage-by Mary Appel
3)The hungry caterpillar-by Eeic Carle
4)Kids nature notebook-by Susan Milord
5)Bugwise and Birdwise-by Pamela Hickman

Everyday is Earth Day.If we take care of nature,it takes care of us.

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