Friday, 12 July 2013

Whole Wheat Garlic Bread

This is yet another easy recipe I have used whole wheat bread instead of white bread and used freshly crushed garlic in place of garlic powder.The used for the recipe is also olive oil and not butter.

Whole wheat bread- 6-7 slices
Garlic cloves-4-5 ,peeled and crushed
Olive oil-2 teaspoons for each slice
Pizza seasoning-3 teaspoons

-Cut the sides of the bread and again cut the bread into the desired shape using a knife.You can cut it into triangles,squares,rectangles or even circles.
-Rub the crushed garlic on both sides of the cut bread pieces.
-Heat a flat pan and toast the bread pieces and add little olive oil to each side.
-Let the bread toast till they look slight golden brown.
-Sprinkle  some pizza seasoning on top.

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