Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Germfree your Bathroom

BATHROOM GERMS-You can really catch them!

It's true that you cannot entirely wipe out the germs but there are simple things that can be done around the house to maintain a germ free house.
Without much effort you can keep the germs at bay and keep your family healthy.
It's true that when the dirt is visible we quickly wipe it off or wash it,but the fact is that most of the dirt is invisible and odourless.The kitchen and toilet are the heavens for the common household germs.
So it's important that you concentrate on these two rooms in the house.

According to a survey by Hygiene Council, the bathroom is the room where you can find germs lurking.
Here's something most people are unaware of,they think that the toilet seat is the place where most bacteria are found.Instead, the germiest parts of the bathroom are not just the toilet seats but faucets and the toilet handle.
  • Cleaning the toilet each week should be a priority.Use a good toilet cleaner that contains bleach or a disinfectant cleanser and a brush to clean.
  •  Don't forget to change your germ ridden toilet brush from time to time.You can also make your own bleach solution with 1 cup of bleach mixed in 1 gallon of water.Close the lid on the toilet seat before you flush because flushing can cause germs to spread to the other counters.
  • Use old towels or disposable sponges to clean.
  • Keep the shower walls and floors free of molds.You can do this by spraying bleach solution and cleaning the walls with packaged cleaning wipes.
  • If you are using shower curtains then keep changing them every 3 to 6 months.

Following a daily routine of good personal hygiene can help you win the battle against bathroom germs.
  • You must wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap after using the toilet.Kids must also be taught to practice this.
  • Each member of the family should have a separate towel in the bathroom.
  • Discard old toothbrushes from time to time.
  • Replace the plastic bathroom cups with disposable paper cups.

Cleaning regularly and practicing hygiene can lower your risk from bathroom germs.
If you and your family practice  good personal and household hygiene and follow these simple steps then you can prevent the unnecessary bouts of illness.

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  1. Makes me want to go scrub my bathroom. This is almost as bad as my post about cleaning the drains.