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Sabudana Vadas(Tapioca cutlets)-Navratri Special

sabudana vada
sabudana vada (Photo credit: sumeet basak)
Sabudana vada is a famous snack from Maharashtra,a state in western India.This is also a recipe popular during fasts.
You can soak the sabudana  overnight till they become fluffy and soft.If you do not have enough time to soak then you can pressure cook the sabudana .
These vadas are crunchy from outside and soft from inside.Serve them with fresh green chutney along with a cup of hot masala tea!

Sabudana(Tapioca)-2 cups
Green chillies-2,finely chopped
Peanuts-1/2 cup,Roasted and coarsely crushed
Salt to taste
Vegetable/Olive Oil-2 cups,for frying

How to Pressure cook Sabudana
-Take 2 cups of sabudana and put it in a pressure cooker with 3 cups of water.
-Pressure cook for 2-3 whistles.

For the Vadas
- Mash the boiled potatoes and keep aside.
-Take the soaked/cooked sabudana in a big bowl and add the mashed potatoes and all the above ingredients except oil.
-Mash all the ingredients with hand.
-Heat a fry pan and add 2 cups of oil to it.
-Take small portion of the mixture and make vadas of desired shape.You can make flat rounds or small round balls with your hand.
-Fry the vadas in oil.Make sure you regulate the temperature or the vadas will burn from outside and remain uncooked from inside.
-Serve hot with Fresh green chutney and a cup of spiced tea.
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