Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Parenting is the Key to Children's Brain Development

According to psychologists parenting begins even before the child in unborn.A mother talking,reading and singing to the unborn child creates a mother-infant bond early on.Even after the child is born,parent's interaction plays a very very important role in child's brain development.This goes a long in shaping the child's brain and affecting his psychological state.Some studies have also shown that children who have received responsive and sensitive care from their parents in their early years grow up to be more confident and successful individuals in their lives.Recent advances in brain research has shown that the brain development in children is not only dependent on genetics but is also determined by the child's experience.

Child's Developing Brain -A Miracle
Research shows that the first three years are vital to the child's brain development.The child's brain responds to the continually changing experiences in different ways.These experiences help the child to understand and remember things.This also tunes the brain and strengthens connections.Some studies have proved that the complex interaction between the child's genes and environment plays a critical role in brain development.Both genes and environment play different roles.Genes are responsible for creating potential in a child,whereas environment gives brain the experience that comes from the way he interacts with his parents and family.How Parents can Enhance Healthy Brain Development?
  • Love,Warmth and Touch- Be gentle and caring with your children.This gives them a sense of security,and reassurance.
  • Create a Safe Environment for your child-Give your child a rich and stimulating environment by providing him with various age appropriate toys.
  • Say No to Stress and Abuse-It is difficult to control children who experience stress and are abused.Parents should try to reduce their own stress and protect their children from abuses.
  • Provide an Enriched Learning Environment-Do a variety of interesting activities regularly with your child to boost brain development.This includes simple day to day activities like singing,playing,story-telling and reading books together.
  • Do not Overstimulate your Child-Too much stimulation can frustrate the child.It can also cause stress.
Parents are the child's first teacher.Open new windows of learning for your children by loving them and providing a safe and secure environment to them.These opportunities will not only nurture their developing brain but will also allow them to grow up to be better individuals.As parents we must ensure that every child receives the positive experiences in their early childhood.

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